Indonesia , As Wrecked As Munchen?

Indonesia National Team - Suzuki AFF 2012 (

Indonesia National Team – Suzuki AFF 2012 (

It’s a shame weekend for Indonesian as we were defeated on Malaysia with a 2-0 cleansheet result in Suzuki AFF 2012 Group stage. An awful result was also got by Bayern Munchen, a top Bundesliga club must recieve a draw result in Allianz Arena , while facing Borussia Dortmund, defending champion for two times in row , Borussia Dortmund. Indonesia has the same kit in colour with Munchen, but that’s not the only evidence.

Bayern played fast football with long pass, just like the way Indonesia did. In Bayern, 21 is the number for the captain Philipp Lamm. In our national team, Andik Firmansyah despites he is not our captain but he has the same posture like Lham and deserves holding the captain task than any other player in our National Team in Suzuki AFF 2012 , and number 21 is ready for it.

But there is one thing makes Bayern is quite better than National team, Munchen is not linked with any politic business. Since the first time holding the trophy of Bundesliga , in 1934, Munchen is able to dump Hitler like he was no one important. Munchen still has Jewish in the club, supporting the equal right of human being. That makes Hitler, the dictator of Germany that time , as we know hate Jewish so much supporting 1890 Munchen as a partner of goverment than Die Rotten.

Politic in Football

Schalke FC - Glory in Hitler's era.. (

Schalke FC – Glory in Hitler’s era.. (

Politic , especially an absolute power like Hitler had , never let anything pass without his control. Taking a quote from Lord Acton, part of British politician that made United Kingdom system using Prime Minister like now said that Power tend to corrupt, and absolute power corrupt absolutely. In that time Hitler became the Chairman of the Board of Nurenberg FC. The fans adored him and his politic belief. But after 6 months having himself as the Kanselir of Germany, Schalke ruled Bundesliga. In 1933 to 44, Shalke won eleven major domestic title. Schalke dumped Hitler with a weird system, a system that only allowed domestic professional from Gelsenkirchen city, the home of Schalke FC to play in it, not only from a same city but also the same family sometimes . But we can see the result as Schalke was unbeaten for 11 consecutive years in home. That was a big thing that no club in this world has ever done until today. But one thing for sure, Politic brings no good thing in a neutral place

Power tend to corrupt, and absolute power corrupt absolutely – Lord Acton

But we have a different situation in National team, AFF 2010 was a shame result as we were defeated also by Malaysia in our home stadia, Gelora Bung Karno. Many politician watched and had their face seen on the stadium like a sponsor. Many schedule when National Team should go to politician home and office for unofficial and unprudent situation. Condition that we should decline as Rooney said when the kingdom pushed his National Team too hard – “I don’t need politic to play football”

I dont need politic to play football – Wayne Rooney

Such a coincidence!

One thing for sure, yellow rules this years! (

One thing for sure, yellow rules this years! (

Talking about title Munchen got no titles in the last two years, the same thing as our national team has done. The last year was the most embarrased moment when Munchen lost against Chelsea in Champion League Final , in Allianz Arena, with penalty kick difference. Losing Bundesliga title, and defeated 5-2 in DBF Pokal Final ( Fa cup in UK ). The same thing happened in Indonesia’s National team in 2010. Playing impressively whole Suzuki AFF 2010 tournament and won against Malaysia in Group Stage but lost in Final. And bad things happened after then, including Early lost in World Cup Preliminary , with 10-0 result against Bahrain and another defeat by Malaysia last weekend, in 2-0 cleansheet.

The day after Indonesia’s lost, Bayern only able to play for a draw with the defending champion Borussia Dortmund, with a comeback after Toni Kroos’ in ’67 by Mario Gotze in ’74. For gotze it is a fair result, but Roman Weidenfeller, as a Dortund’s goalkeeper was very proud and said it was like a winning for Dortmund that played in Allianz Arena. Until now Munchen can’t win against Dortmund in the last 10 head to head matches.

Another coincidence thing is Dortmund uses yellow stripped black as their kits, almost same with Malaysia’s home kit yellow and black, but prefered to use the blue one for this cup macths. In Allianz Arena yesterday, Dortund show a physically efective, and killing football. Short pass from players played By Lewandowski and friends, while looking for a free spaces when player can go for a shot. Azamudin Akil’s goal on ’26 and Jesuli ’29 was the exact attacking scheme that’s used by Marco Reus, Robert Lewandowski dan Mario Götze.

If Malaysia finally able to keep the AFF Cup title for this time, maybe Dortmund will also able to keep their Bundesliga title for three consecutive times. One thing for sure, despite their fail in Champion league last season, Dortmund becomes favourite of many expert and manager of football as the champion of UCL this year. And it will be much better when Munchen come again in Final and watching the Final in Wembley, as a Bundesliga Derby. Everything has its place, so does this possibility. We are waiting for a big thing, Timnas!

PS : This is the first post of mine that fully use english in order to learn for english test tomorrow, i hope i can do a big thing as Dortmund did and will do!

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