The World is An Open Door: So Are We

The World is An Open Door: So Are We

Ilham Dary Athallah (16/294558/SP/27164)

It has always been a dream for many to see the world unites as the same human being for tackling all the challenges ahead. Such a naively misinterpreted dream which shaped thousands years of our world history with killing, uniforming, and colonizing other for the shake of the unity. Those wars we had seen were not the unity we expected, nor what our predecessor did. And as we are now living in a presumably better and more peaceful conditions, there are still much works to be done ahead.

The nowadays generations (consisting of baby boomers, millennials, and generation Z), give themselves a tag as global citizen which based on the fact that day by day we have become more connected than ever with the development of technology provides us. The expectation was, as we are more connected, we are about to share more humanity between each other, encouraging more cross cultural comprehension, and holding hands together fighting for virtuous objective such as poverty, water shortage, and racial discrimination. But those dreams still seem too far to be realized soon and remain as utopic concepts.

We have seen the fact that mankind is now able to explore Jupiter with NASA’s Juno Satellite[1] while many still considering about banning Mexican and Muslim for exploring the United States[2]. We adore our democracy system so much but still see many consistently blame Mr. Jokowi and the winning side with such lie and hatred on the internet because we were once in the different side[3]. We are entering an era where we are able to be well connected to each other but prefer not to do so. And it is happening worldwide. Is the development of technology being too fast for the society to handle? Or it is just the top of an iceberg showing our lack of ability to develop and evolve as a better mankind in a presumed better world? That is exactly where lies the importance of learning and understanding our part as a global citizen.

The concept of modern age and global citizen should not be considered as narrow as the development of science only. There also lies our definite duty to grasp virtually everything while still maintaining the identity of where we are coming from. There is no way to build a strong fortress without maintaining our deep foundation. Those facts are where our global citizenship principle should lies, to be locally rooted and globally respected.

Despite almost everyone are already aware about the importance of character building in this ever-changing world, we are still far from shot for truly building our own character and our nearby society. And rather than review our self, we prefer blaming other for the failure, ranging from television, educational institution, government, the internet, and also blaming the influx of western culture as a structured propaganda devolving our identity of so called eastern religious country[4].

As those problems begin from our lack of character, the only solution available is by revolutionizing our character and our way of behaving. To speak very highly about how Pancasila contains all the good core of nation’s value we should follow to make our country great again is pretty easy. But truly materializing it requires everyone associated working hand by hand, rather than just a lip-service. A switch is never easy for everyone, and never will it be. Especially when it is only urged for a better country, a better society, and a better world which we may argue that it is not our business at all.

Think about the alternative, that the character switch is for the good of ourselves. Rather than arguing and wasting energy on military drills and elites concept of civil defense, just do a little bit swift in what do we already do into a better direction. Start with arrive on time. Study hard to achieve good grades in school. Contribute more in your office for clinching promotion. Give the best service your customer could only dream before to earn more tips. Serve citizen with honesty and sincerity to be elected in higher position someday. All done with behaving properly. Then, we can see our effort eventually paid off for our self and our country.

When that day of giving the best we can do have come, we are officially ready for being a true global citizen. It will be the day when sharing humanity will come from deepest heart of every human being rather than forced or persuaded. The engagement and flux of knowledge, culture, diversity, and character will not matter at all because we share the same humanity, eagerness of learning, and mutual understanding between one another. It is the day when everyone will be locally rooted and globally respected. It is the day when we finally understand that the world is an open door, so are we.

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